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'Let's get this party started' [/quoting Elijah quoting Pink]

*looks around*

Seems we need something to perve over eh?

How about some pics?

Here are some (resized) examples of how I like my Elijah best:

Here I'd like to grab him and do unspeakable things to him:

Here I'd like him to grab me and do unspeakable things to me:

And here I'd like to have a good time with him, talking movies, music, beer, South Parc etc. (and afterwards do unspeakable things to each other.)

And then some recs of fics involving Elijah and a personal kink of mine: waking up to being fucked. (Hey, were here to perve, right? I can use that kind of language around here, right?

Untitled Dom/Elijah by kiltsandlollies

'Night Moves' by bandwench, which is het.

Both are NC-17 (duh...)

Now, show me yours.
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